Berke Banks fucks Zac Blake

“Zac is busy playing with his new iPad and his cock. Apparently that’s about all he’s been doing lately because Berke is pissed when he finds him there spanking it. Instead of just sitting there staring at porn, he makes Zac get on his knees to suck a real dick.

Zac knows better than to mess with a muscle bear when he’s angry, so he listens to whatever Berke says. With his dick long and hard, Berke is ready to fuck Zac’s sweet little hole.

Zac loves being pounded hard, fast and furious by Berke’s thick meat. Berke continues to pound away until he can’t hold back any longer and explodes onto Zac’s ass and back. Zac flips over and deposits a load of his own onto his smooth stomach.”

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