Gavin Sevin fucks Sinclair


“I kind of wanted a video where Gavin takes control and uses Sinclair but also to see if Sinclair can find some pleasure in getting fucked. So the focus of this video is Gavin fucking the Hell out of Sinclair while he just takes it!
Gavin showed in his Sunday Best, and I think he looked really sharp all dressed-up. Sinclair gets to work on undressing him then servicing his cock. It still surprises me that some of the most reluctant guys look pretty happy when they are sucking dick. Sinclair certainly gets Gavin’s cock standing at attention.
Gavin sucks on Sinclair a bit, but then gets him doggy style and proceeds to rim his hole. Showing us Sinclair’s ass and eventually jamming a dildo in and out in preparation for his long dick.
He uses his hole to the max, and Sinclair does have a moment or two on his back when his cock really starts to wake-up, but alas, it never makes him nut.
Gavin breeds his hole and leaves Sinclair fully fucked. These two muscle guys look totally hot together!”



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