Vander fucks the cum out of Jet


They start by jerking off, and Vander quickly moves on to blowing Jet. Jet cums right away, and if you stay tuned till the end, you can see a fun replay of all his cum shots. His first instinct is to stop Vander from making him cum. He says, “He is really good at that” and we go back to Vander sucking him,. I give jet the green light to bush and he cums for the first time.
I thought Jet would need time to reset, so they do some ass eating, but Jet just stays hard and is ready to get fucked.
He cums 5 more times while Vander fucks him. Only one time does it look like he shot a blank, but the following ejaculation, he gets some distance. He just keeps cumming!
Vander said he was so turned on by making Jet cum, then eating each load and cum-kissing with Jet that he could likely fuck him till he nuts. We both figured Jet was out of jizz, but Vander fucks him until they are both nutting.



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