Jonas fucks Theon


Jonas clearly likes to have people take his cock in any hole, and once he was upright, he was slinging his sword in and out of Theon with ball-slapping action. His cock truly looks like an upward tilted sword, and he thrusts like he is not taking any prisoners.
This is the first time I have seen Theon’s cock not stay at a hundred percent while getting fucked. Theon really let Jonas have his way with him, mostly because the fast fucking was turning Jonas on so much. Theon likes a slow grind, especially to make him nut.
After getting him on his back (and a note from me to try not go balls deep on poor Theon) his cock got to full-mast and was busting in no time.
Jonas tries to ramp up and shoot once on the hole, but it was his first time and basically unloads deep inside Theon. So for those of you who like the full breeding action her ya go!



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