Jarec Wentworth fucks Colby Keller

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Jarec sucked Colby making his dick rock hard. Colby sucked Jarec so good, that Jarec grabbed the camera from me so he could get a hot POV angle.
When Colby finally let Jarec put his dick inside of him, Jarec uttered, ‘Dreams Do Come True’. Colby started to laugh at this, but then his laugh turned to moaning, as he sat down on the dick and Jarec slammed it up into him. What happens next is a dizzying array of fuck positions of two legends at the top of their game.
Finally Jarec fucks the cum out of Colby doggy style, then Colby turns around and lets Jarec nut in his mouth. Then they make out with their cum covering their hot hairy beards. This is one of the best hardcore movies you will see in a while.


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