Adam Wirthmore gets pounded by Landon Conrad in “San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1”

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Adam Wirthmore’s rump gets seared by Landon Conrad’s hot poker in Raging Stallion’s “San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1″.
Adam reaches down to produce a matching sausage as they grin and stare each other down like livestock in heat. Between them, they light a fire by rubbing two dicks together. Adam uses his mouth to keep the blaze going, squeezing Landon’s nuts and sucking every square inch of skin from Landon’s pubes to his taint.
Landon kneels to do the same, as Adam face-fucks him. While standing, Landon’s got his tongue in Adam’s ass and his cock in Adam’s mouth.
Then they’re on the steel table. Adam’s rump gets seared by the hot poker drilling it to the core. The walls of his hole grip tightly onto Landon’s meat-packer. A fully naked sit-fuck brings them both to sizzling doneness, topped with a tasty sauce of spooge.”


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