Braxton pounds Vander raw

Screenshot 2014-05-03 22.37.59

“Braxton just keeps pushing his limits. He had seen Vander on the website and knew he was in for a mouthful. I made sure to tell him to do some jaw-stretching exercises before the shoot!
And he was definitely into Vander’s cock once he sees it. Fascinated! Braxton got pretty piggy with it. So different then his tentative first time with Wren.
There were four of us on the set, me, Vander, and Ransom, and the three of us agreed that Braxton must be an amazing guy to have sex with in bed. Just kind of watch how attentive he is to his partner. Reaching down to stroke his cock, give him a kiss at the right time. It is not even a subtle thing, it is just flat out obvious he is trying to please his partner.”


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