Sean Zevran and Adam Ramzi flip fuck in “Stunners”

Screenshot 2014-05-10 23.16.48

Sean Zevran is a stunning example of man, sexy face, sculpted, hairy and musclebound with an incredible 8-inch cock and ass for days.
Adam Ramzi delivers fashion model looks with a lean, toned body, fine ass and sizable cock.
After they each put themselves on display, they join together in an intense exchange. Adam takes his mark, gets set and goes straight for Sean’s undeniable ass. It begs to be eaten, licked and explored, and Adam expertly claims it. Sean’s meaty cock also deserves attention and Adam gives it its due, gulping it down relentlessly.
The energy builds as they connect in a wild 69 that has them both gasping for breath and wanting more. With both men standing, Sean bends over to let Adam fuck his fine hole. With feverish gropes and grabs and slams and rams, they are in sync and both have the sweat of sex dripping off them.
Without missing a beat the tables turn and Adam find himself on his back taking Sean’s huge cock deep inside him.


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