Armani gets fucked raw by Cooper Reed

Screenshot 2014-07-19 14.48.19

Cooper oils up both their cocks and does some jousting, but I think Armani was eager to suck his first uncut cock. Armani is equally mesmerized with Cooper’s amazing body, truly enjoying running his hands up and down his chest and abs.
Cooper loves to rim and rolls Armani up to really dive in deep into Armani’s hole. He eventually rolls him even higher and fucks him practically upside down, drilling his cock down into his hole. It is safe to say Armani is a bottom. His brain and cock seem to love being fucked in even craziest position.
I will leave you to explore the rest of the video, but once again, Armani gets the cum fucked out of him. Cooper then uses his cum to fuck him some more.
Cooper does bust all over Armani while upside down, but cum flew all over. Cooper scoops it into his hole and eats the load out of his ass, then shares it with Armani for a nice cummy kiss!


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