Brandon Jones and Dylan Knight tag team Mike De Marko in “Horseplay”

Screenshot 2014-08-04 23.29.44

“Dylan gets down on his knees to service Brandon and Mike’s cocks at the same time. Then Mike gets on all fours and sucks Brandon’s cock while Dylan fills Mike’s ass from behind.
The slap of Dylan’s hand makes Mike’s ass turn red, and it makes Mike even more cock-hungry. Brandon and Dylan take turns plowing Mike’s eager hole.
Sweat drips off their skin, and their balls hang low in the summer heat.
After taking several turns stretching out Mike’s hole, Dylan shoots his load onto Mike’s ass. Dylan’s cum is soon mixed with Brandon’s, and their dual ejaculations coat Mike’s ass in a sticky glaze. Mike flips over and jerks out a massive, satisfied load as Brandon and Dylan finger his hole.”


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