Palmer bangs Griffin raw

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Griffin was really pleased that he would probably being servicing Palmer, but I told him it was more likely they would be fucking and not just sucking! I had Palmer set to work with a couple other guys, so Griffin was biding his time, waiting to work with the muscle dude. “When do I get to work with Palmer?” Griffin would ask.
So I dangled Griffin a little too long, but I am sure he was quite happy with scenes while waiting. But suffice it to say, he had his eye on Palmer from week one.
Griffin does love Servicing the guys, so we started out with some major oral. Griffin had been waiting months to get Palmer’s cock all the way down the back of his throat, and he was not disappointed. He takes control and rolls Palmer upside down and makes a meal of his tight ass.
Palmer power fucks Griffin too, eventually planking him so Griffin could not escape the ass pounding. Some super hot Ass to Mouth in there for ATM fans, so keep a watch for that!
Griffin rides Palmer’s cock until he busts, spilling his load all over my brand new bedspread’s maiden voyage.


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