Jimmy Durano fucks Chris Bines

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“An overnight snowstorm has left drifts everywhere. Jimmy Durano and Chris Bines wrestle and have a snowball fight, then seek the warmth of each other’s body indoors.
When Jimmy’s hard, he’s big! His one-piece long johns are unbuttoned to the waist and tented by a raging erection that’s way more than a handful for Chris. Chris attaches his lips to Jimmy’s torso and covers every square inch on sculpted flesh with licks, nips and kisses. When he arrives at Jimmy’s cock, he employs a combination of spit, mouth and hand to stimulate it from tip to base.
Jimmy tumbles him onto a table and runs his tongue along the hair-lined crack of his ass, eliciting deep moans. Chris reaches back to spread his buns, making way for the huge cock that’s about to rivet him. When Chris flips onto his back, he shows hard, convex pecs lined with faint dark hair.
Jimmy pins Chris’ ankles together and increases his speed and intensity, until Chris’ cries echo through the room. A fast turnabout and Jimmy fucks Chris’ face until his blood vessels throb and cum flies like the blizzard outside the window.”


Robin and Issac (Bareback Flip-Flop)

Brian Jovovich barebacks Marcel Gassion

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Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich give us a little hint as to the amount of effort it takes for the BelAmi boys to maintain their perfect bodies.
Of course hard work should always be rewarded, and after a refreshing shower the boys decide that they should reward each other with some post workout fucking.



Chris Bines rides Andrew Stark’s big dick in “Intensity, Part 1”

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Andrew Stark kneels on the stairwell and grasps at Chris Bines’ entire body as they kiss with serious passion. They make out and rub their beards together in an urgent expression of manly desire. Then they exchange blow jobs, each man tasting himself via his partner.
Andrew reaches to fondle Chris’ hole and slides in a teasing finger. Chris grasps the bannisters on either side as he lowers himself down on Andrew’s eager tongue for a deep rimming. Then he slides down and lands on Andrew’s thick, rock hard cock.
Their bodies intertwine as they both experience the rush of unrestrained erotic energy. Chris leans over the railing for support and shoots multiple huge spurts of cum while Andrew fucks him from behind.
Andrew pulls himself at the brink of orgasm and shoots his own giant load onto Chris’ ass. They make eye contact, dazed and exhilarated, and kiss one last time in a passionate display of erotic intensity.”


Joey rides Mac bareback

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After the horseback riding comes the bareback cock riding in this hot scene with muscle jocks Joey and Mac at


Fucking In The Car

Abraham Al Malek fucks Dario Beck in “Gran Vista”

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Scene 1 from Raging Stallion‘s “Gran Vista” features Dario Beck alongside stunning hunk Abraham Al Malek.
Set poolside, Abraham dives into the pool and swims toward Dario and quickly removes his bulging speedo. Dario’s huge uncut tool stands at attention, ready for Abraham’s expert attention.
Abraham sucks Dario’s cock before moving on to pounding his willing hole. The action and chemistry can’t get more sizzling.


Armani gets fucked raw by Cooper Reed

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Cooper oils up both their cocks and does some jousting, but I think Armani was eager to suck his first uncut cock. Armani is equally mesmerized with Cooper’s amazing body, truly enjoying running his hands up and down his chest and abs.
Cooper loves to rim and rolls Armani up to really dive in deep into Armani’s hole. He eventually rolls him even higher and fucks him practically upside down, drilling his cock down into his hole. It is safe to say Armani is a bottom. His brain and cock seem to love being fucked in even craziest position.
I will leave you to explore the rest of the video, but once again, Armani gets the cum fucked out of him. Cooper then uses his cum to fuck him some more.
Cooper does bust all over Armani while upside down, but cum flew all over. Cooper scoops it into his hole and eats the load out of his ass, then shares it with Armani for a nice cummy kiss!