Paddy O’Brian bottoms for Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares in “Howl, Part 2″

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“Leading up to his insane gangbang in part 4 of the Halloween series “Howl”, Paddy O’Brian gets fucked tag team style by Gabriel Clark & Jessy Ares.
Plenty of rimming gets Paddy’s straight ass ready for one hell of a good ass pounding!”



Sean Zevran bangs Paul Wagner in “Crave”

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“Sean Zevran and Paul Wagner stand in the center of the room, licking and groping each other’s muscled bodies. Paul buries his face in Sean’s armpit; Sean accommodates, giving Paul access to that musky scent. Paul works his way south, through the landscape of ridged muscle and furry skin of Sean’s torso, stopping at cock level, where he squeezes and sniffs obsessively over Sean’s massive, throbbing, uncut meat.
Paul can’t stand to wait any longer: he inhales Sean’s cock. Sean grabs Paul’s head and fucks his face. Then it’s Sean who’s craving Paul’s cock: Sean’s cheeks massage Paul’s cock as it advances more deeply down Sean’s throat. Sean can’t resist Paul’s hairy ass, and he advances his agenda tongue-first.
Grabbing the waistband of Paul’s jock strap like reins, Sean drives his cock home. Paul groans and bucks, thrusting back against Sean’s lunges.
After a hard ride, Paul flips onto his back as Sean scatters his seed across Paul’s hairy torso. Paul takes aim at Sean’s face and lets loose with repeated streams of thick, hot cum across Sean’s face.”



Bobby Clark, Travis James and Jack King’s hot threeway

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The conclusion of’s “Retribution” series is an insanely hot threesome between Jack King, Bobby Clark and Travis James.
Both Bobby and Travis get their butts stuffed, by each other and of course Jack King’s hard cock.