Eric Richter and Lucas Sigmund

Brandon Manilow fucks Kris Evans

Screenshot 2014-11-23 17.56.48

“Since we are featuring our Fucking Kris series this season GD thought it was the perfect opportunity to release this much anticipated scene.
Although a very rare occurrence, Kris did bottom for us two times in the past. The first you have seen earlier this year when he bottomed for fellow Hungarian Kristof Esterhazy and then this time for Brandon Manilow.
We have spoken about this scene and shown you pictures in the past, so we are very happy at last to be able to have the opportunity to show you the full scene.”


Egon Huska Rudolf Schneider

Armani rides Gavin Sevin’s raw cock

Screenshot 2014-11-07 23.21.12

Gavin brings his ‘A’ game, and Armani gives it right back! The dude really loves riding a cock!”


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Jimmy Durano fucks Ivan Gregory

Screenshot 2014-11-07 23.12.28

“Everyone knows bigger is better, and we like our toys big too! It takes a real nasty fuck stud to use a big latex dick on another guy, so obviously Jimmy Durano is an expert.
Ivan Gregory is the horny bottom who can’t get enough of that big rubber cock stretching out his hole. He likes stretching his mouth around Jimmy’s huge, uncut tool too!
These two muscled sex pros will blow your mind with their extreme, two position fuckfest!
Director Christian Owen captures every nasty detail, so don’t miss your chance to watch two of the hottest exhibitionists showing off for you!”