Diego Sans bangs Scotty Marx

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“Diego and Scotty tried the straight bait, the foreign film, the gym locker
room, the pizza boy delivery, the massage and even the home movie. But finally
they decide that it does not matter what the set up is. They just want to fuck.”

Dylan Maguire barebacks Marcel Gassion

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Muscle jock Marcel Gassion rides Dylan Maguire’s cock bareback-style in this hot scene from

Balcony Fuck


Mitch Vaughn fucks Brian Bonds with massive dildos and his big cock

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“Brian Bonds is a thief who just robbed a warehouse. His haul is stashed in his backpack, and he’s just about to escape when he’s intercepted by security guard Mitch Vaughn. So what was this thieving scoundrel trying to steal? Mitch opens the backpack to find an arsenal of massive dildos.
Well then, the punishment must fit the crime: Mitch gags Brian with a giant dildo, yanks Brian’s pants down and prepares to fuck Brian with the stolen merchandise.
The first dildo is bigger than Mitch’s forearm, and it stretches Brian’s hole to the max. It’s so nasty and piggy, Mitch can’t resist stroking his cock. Brian can’t resist stroking himself either – he’s a glutton for punishment. Brian uses the dildo on himself while he sucks Mitch’s cock.
When Brian’s hole is primed and ready, Mitch starts to fuck the hell out of him. With sweat covering their bodies, Mitch fires off a half-dozen high-pressure cum blasts right into Brian’s mouth, triggering Brian’s own massive cumshot.”


HUGE THICK White Cock Breeds Tight Latino Ass

Gabriel Cross gets pounded by Paddy O’Brian

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“Johnny Hazzard, Sgt. at Arms from The Men of Anarchy, is unable to stop rival gang, The Jackals, from stealing from their headquarters. After a raid and shoot-out, President Paddy O’Brian calls a meeting and the gang decides they have to go on stake out and retrieve what is rightfully theirs.
Paddy and Gabriel Cross keep watch and wait for the others to arrive. Gabriel is itching for some action and excitement and he doesn’t care what kind. While they wait, Gabriel offers to serve the president some special attention.”


wrestling team tryouts

Ryan Rose fucks Johnny V

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“Johnny V is green-eyed, strawberry blond, and solid, with hard-edged muscle definition. One glimpse of him walking naked to the outdoor shower turns Ryan Rose’s cock hard as a rock, and he quickly follows after Johnny. Johnny soaps his ass. Ryan soaps his dick. They lock eyes, confident in knowing that what each has to offer is exactly what the other wants.
Johnny’s tongue sends so much pleasure coursing through Ryan’s hole that Ryan needs to grab onto the plumbing to avoid collapsing. Ryan’s mouth gives Johnny’s cock the same hedonistic bliss; then Ryan turns his attention to Johnny’s ass. No matter how hard Ryan slaps or squeezes, Johnny’s ass is unyielding muscle — except for the deep center, which invites tongue and cock.
Ryan fucks Johnny harder, faster, deeper. Ryan barely contains his orgasm until Johnny unloads all over his washboard abs, then Ryan adds his own massive discharge to the collection pooling on Johnny’s stomach.”


Kevin Warhol barebacks Alan Kinney

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“We will let you in on a real secret here. Kevin is really a true romantic
lover, gentle and caring, tender and erotic. This night scene offers the perfect
chance for him to show off all of these attributes to Alan Kinney.”