Gavin Sevin creampies Mark Stevens


Gavin has it easy as he gets totally serviced. Mark spins around and sucks his cock, while Gavin rims his hole, fingering it and getting it ready to be fucked. Mark slides down and sits on it, milking Gavin’s cock with his ass.
Not sure if Gavin has been not getting enough sex at home, but I think this is the third movie in a row where we have to stop a couple times because he gets too close to nutting. Either that or he is really beginning to like fucking dudes!
Gavin eventually get up off his back and takes a more active position, fucking Mark flat and doggy style. We get a little ass to mouth action too!
He eventually rolls him up and begins to fuck him super hard. We weren’t quite ready for Gavin to cum, but that position finally did him in and he suddenly starts to fill Mark up. He pulls out to give us a show, but dives right back in. Mark’s hole must feel amazing!
We had to reset, Gavin was exhausted, and I wanted to take advantage of Mark’s love of rimming. He unloads all over Gavin’s back and ass, spreading it all over his hole, then eating out of his ass! Oink!”




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